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Learn all about the history behind Strattex and the team that makes it work.

Our Mission

By 2022, Strattex Will...

Democratize Digital Marketing.

The Amount We Will Save Local Business
Owners In Wasted Marketing Budget
The Number Of Local Business Owners We Will Educate On HyperLocal Marketing
The Number Of Small Business Owners We Will
Double Sales & Revenue For
Our Values

We Practice What We Preach

Core Competencies We Live & Work By


Our intention is to grow our client's businesses, grow our own business, and grow ourselves as people. We achieve growth by asking the right questions and then strategically solving them.We're constantly asking: How can I be more effective at my role? How can we 3x our client's Google My Business presence? How can I make a better world for my family (and ultimately better humans create better businesses)


Our intention is to create lasting impact in our client's businesses. Instead of focusing on the ten reasons something cannot be done, we focus on the one reason why it MUST be done and why it matters. Here's how we think about it:There's a business owner, a human, on the other end of the deal. They're rolling the dice with all that they have. When they pay us a chunk of their $$, we are now enablers responsible for adding value.


Our clients' problems become our problems. We feel their pain and struggles. And it's our job to serve them. As a veteran owned and operated company, we know the importance of service.By putting the client's needs first, we don't have to sit around and think about what's "right." What's always right is serving the client and exceeding their needs.


We DON'T want to be like all the other marketing companies out there. We want to be innovative in our product, our team members, our customer service, and most importantly, in our results. We go above and beyond for our clients and our teammates.We're constantly learning, pivoting, and adapting to growth marketing trends to give you the best product and service possible.


What are we most proud of? We own our failures and learn from them. Our proudest moments were when we've owned up to mistakes or failures: In our hundreds of clients, we've failed on a handful of them. But we owned up to our mistakes, refunded them 100% of their investment, and learned from it moving forward to never make the same mistake again.


We shoot it straight with our clients. Even when it's uncomfortable. We continuously provide metrics to our client's to prove our results or progress.Our values enable us to always do the right thing. If we feel like your business doesn't need our help anymore, we won't find reasons to keep charging you or find excuses to continue taking your money.

Strattex Solutions

Our HyperLocal Marketing Team

Meet the unstoppable team that makes HyperLocal possible

Carleen Krug
HyperLocal Consultant
Jack Shirk
Chief Marketing Officer
Justin Latham
Director of Fulfillment
Kelly Nelson
Client Success & PR Manager
Nadja Dorfman
Human Resources Director
TJ Cooper
Chief Product Officer
Trevor Shirk
Chief Executive Officer
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HOW strattex was born

The History of Strattex & HyperLocal

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

It started with the military. And with tattoos.

Many of our team members are combat veterans. We don't leave people behind in combat.And our story starts while Trevor Shirk, our founder and current CEO, was in the military. Trevor and some fellow Army buddies wanted to start a tattoo removal clinic in the local city outside of the military base.

They knew that a lot of military members got tattoos young and often regretted them.

Local laws would NOT allow Trevor to start a tattoo removal clinic. But he learned something really valuable instead.

Trevor, after him and his buddies decided to start a tattoo removal clinic, started building a website and driving traffic to it immediately. He didn't know much about website design or SEO strategies, but he devoured all the information he could find. Books, podcasts, articles... Trevor was completely self-taught. He tried many different strategies and was driving lots of traffic to the site. He was figuring it out. Trevor learned that he loved digital marketing and was good at it. Even though the tattoo removal clinic was a complete fail, he learned digital marketing.After thinking about his mom, Trevor knew he was building something REALLY wrong.

Here's where the story gets interesting. Trevor was selling SEO to clients for about 2t% less than all the other competitors.He thought he was doing a good thing. He was getting clients results and they were still having positive ROI.But Trevor thought about his mom, a small business owner for over 25 years. He realized that his mom, and most of the other small business owners on the ground, could NOT afford his services.Trevor shifted gears. He knew he had to change his business.

Trevor asked himself:"What are the MOST essential and impactful things that I could do for small business owners that will help them grow their business exponentially?"He hunkered down for weeks - studying, testing, and re-testing. He didn't realize it, but Trevor was building the first Hyperlocal Marketing platform in existence.

How can the small business owner win?

Trevor wanted to do everything he could to have the small business owner win. He thought through the pricing model. Most digital marketing companies in Denver were charging at least $2,000/month for their services. Trevor decided to charge around 1/4 of the price of everyone else. Most digital marketing companies had ridiculous contracts and no way to hold themselves accountable. Trevor decided to offer a 100% money back guarantee without a binding contract.

Strattex was officially launched in May of 2017. Trevor created a brand new industry of hyperlocal marketing.In the first 18 months of launching, Strattex went from 1 client to 80+ clients. And he found that it worked brilliantly for dispensaries nationwide, whether they be medical or recreational.And with that knowledge, Trevor and the Strattex team pivoted to focus all their efforts on helping dispensaries.