Dispensary Marketing Strategy

As a Denver Dispensary Marketing Company, we've been in the game for a while. Marijuana marketing is one of the HARDEST things out there. There are tons of restrictions on what you can do... So how do you break through the noise? Here's the only fully legal way to market your dispensary across all platforms.

Dispensary Marketing guide

The Marijuana Marketing Process

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  1. Use the principles of HyperLocal digital marketing to get a continuous flow of customers coming in the door.
  • Get Found On Google Maps
  • Increase Organic Rankings Through Demand Generation
  • Content Marketing & Syndication
  • Location & Reputation Management
  • Build A Killer Website
  1. Create an INCREDIBLE customer experience to build a loyal customer base
  • Customer Service
  • Deal Days
  • Have A Great Product
  1. Maintain FREQUENT Communication With Value Adding Information To Your Customers To Ensure a Long And Thriving Relationship
  • Email Marketing
  • Phone/SMS Marketing
  • Connect & Interact With Customers on Social

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1. Dispensary SEO or HyperLocal digital marketing?

Hyperlocal Marketing is different than regular digital marketing. And it's definitely not cannabis SEO.It's more targeted. It's usually much cheaper. And it often creates exponentially greater results. Remember, marketing for dispensaries is HARD. There are a lot of marijuana issues in general - the relationship between federal and state regulations, labeling, shipping, and a ton more. Marketing is one of those things, too.


Hyperlocal marketing targets the local, motivated buyers in your particular area. The folks that are on the ground looking for dispensaries. It's centered around getting you found in the top 3 of the Google Maps Results. Over 80% of people, when searching for dispensaries, will simply pull out their cell phones and type in "dispensary near me." The first place they look after searching? Google Maps. So you MUST be found.

Local Online Presence

It ensures that your business is cited in over 200 directories, guides, and business websites (such as Yelp, Leafly, etc.) so that Google views you as a HIGHLY authoritative source.

Local Content Syndication Through monthly press releases, Hyperlocal Marketing gets you backlinks from reputable websites around the web - from Fox to ABC.

Why Should Your Dispensary Use HyperLocal Marketing?

As you already know, advertising in the dispensary world is very, very difficult. There are TONS of regulations that makes digital marketing seem impossible for dispensaries. And that's one reason why Hyperlocal Marketing is so great for dispensaries - you can do it without having to worry about all the regulations. As a cannabis advertising agency, we've successfully tested it out with nearly 17 dispensaries and have gotten incredible (and incredibly quick...) results. Another great piece about Hyperlocal Marketing is that it's inexpensive. It's not like social media marketing for dispensaries or Google AdWords where you're going to blow through thousands of dollars each month. It's inexpensive. And your ROI is huge since it's inexpensive (and yet still effective).

Your Website Is The Face Of Your Business On The Internet

What does your website need? Your website needs a couple of different things to optimize for cannabis advertising:

  • An up-to-date menu with all of your products. Marijuana users like to browse the internet before going into your store.
  • An email opt-in. You need to be able to gather the customer's information so that you can add them to your dispensary marketing funnel.
  • An integrated Google Map. You need potential customers to be able to find directions to your location through your website to make things easy for them.
  • Current marijuana promotions.

You need to have your promotional calendar on your website so potential customers can plan their visits around the sales of their favorite products.

You Must Get Found With In The Top 3 Of Google Maps Results

How do you do this? You need to optimize your Google My Business information. Everything you can fill out, you must fill out. You need lots of pictures. The correct location information. Hours of operation. And more. It depends on a lot of different factors... I want to share some interesting information with you that you probably didn't know: Did you know that if your Google My Business has your address as "Main Street" and your Leafly (and let's not even get into the Leafly advertising cost...) says "Main St" while your Facebook says "Main St.", then the lack of congruence across the web will negatively affect your Google Maps Results???Everything on the internet regarding your business (especially location, phone number, etc) has to be identical. Thankfully, we have software to help with this. You need to generate positive reviews. And lots of them. I won't get into the details here. See section 03. for this.

Increase Your Local Organic Rankings Through Demand Generation To Boost Website Traffic

Local SEO is different from regular SEO… Before we get in the details of any of this, we want to make it clear that we do NOT like SEO. You'll hear all these marketers talking about the importance of organic SEO an on-page SEO optimization. It just doesn't work how it used to. Don't focus on SEO. Focus on Demand Generation strategies. SEO is not always effective. It's not enough. That's why we've created a process known as demand generation. You can think of demand generation as a better, more effective, cheaper, and easier process than SEO. Here's why demand gen is necessary: The way people search nowadays is more geared towards voice search. Which is WAY different than just a couple years ago... It's no longer "What are the best dispensaries in the Littleton neighborhood of Denver, CO?"... Instead, folks are just searching for "Dispensary Near Me." Is your website optimized for these types of keywords? You need to constantly be aware of the changing world of demand generation (which changes monthly...) in order to boost your organic rankings.

Create Domain Authority Through Content Marketing & Syndication

Why is content syndication important? Traditional SEO states that backlinks are the name of the game when it comes to boosting your SEO. It's a similar strategy for demand generation. But how can you get reputable backlinks on a monthly basis?... By having a content syndication systems that releases relevant press releases with strategic backlinks, then your domain authority will begin to skyrocket. And when your domain authority is boosted?.... Google views you as an authority and you're likely to continuously improve your rankings.

Manage Your Locations. Manage Your Reputation.

Why is content syndication important? Traditional SEO states that backlinks are the name of the game when it comes to boosting your SEO. It's a similar strategy for demand generation. But how can you get reputable backlinks on a monthly basis?... By having a content syndication systems that releases relevant press releases with strategic backlinks, then your domain authority will begin to skyrocket. And when your domain authority is boosted?.... Google views you as an authority and you're likely to continuously improve your rankings.

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2. Create An Incredible Customer Experience

If customers leave your dispensary feeling valued (as a person, not just a customer) then expect to see them again.

People will forget what you say. People will even forget what you do. But people will never forget the way you make them feel. You need to think through every part of your customer experience: How do your budtenders greet new customers? Does the process feel like a mere transaction? After customers leave, do you follow up with them on their experience, the quality of the product, etc? Think through every step of the customer's journey. Hyperlocal marketing can initially get people in the door. But having an amazing customer experience is what continues to have them walk in the door month after month after month.

Customer Service Is King

It's not just about the usual customer service stuff... It's about going ABOVE AND BEYOND with every single customer.

If a customer leaves not noticing your customer service (which doesn't necessarily mean your customer service is bad... It just means it was memorable), then you've got an issue. You need your budtenders to make customers feel valued as people. You need your budtenders to educate your customers. You need your budtenders to get to know your customers - what they want and need. You need to make your dispensary a place where customers are EXCITED to go.

Plan "Deal Days" & Give Your Budtenders Pricing Flexibility

Have your budtenders round the final price down when checking out customers. Allow them to be flexible with "deal days". Customers notice these things.

Let's say that tomorrow is "Ladies Day" where women get 10% off their purchase. And let's say that a brand new customer, Rachel, walks in today not knowing that "Ladies Day" is tomorrow… Give your budtenders the power to show Rachel love by providing the 10% discount today, instead of tomorrow. Similarly, allow budtenders to engage in other price flexibility practices. Allowing them the power to save a customer $2 or $3 dollars (and then properly letting the customer know that the budtender is being generous and doing this for them...) may just make a lifetime customer out of that interaction.

Have A Great Product

If you have limited product, that could deter customers from coming back. Do your best to carry a broad variety of high-quality products.

Cannabis users can often be very particular... They only buy a certain type of flower.... Or they have their favorite edible… Or a particular product really eliminates their pain...And if you have those products they love, then there's a good chance they'll come back. So do your best to carry a wide variety of high-quality weed products.

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3. Maintain Frequent Communication With Customers Where You Add Value

I'm not talking about scammy email marketing campaigns...

Your communication must be frequent. It's the "out of sight, out of mind" adage. If customers don't hear from you for a while, they may just forget that you exist. But just because you need to communicate with your customers on a regular basis doesn't mean that you should be sending out scammy email marketing campaigns. Or blowing up their cellphones with SMS messages...Your communication should be about adding value. Period.In your email marketing campaigns, you should be figuring out what your clients want to know, learn about, or discover with weed. And then you should craft easy-to-read emails that intrigue them and educate them. You shouldn't be texting customers every day with your SMS campaign... At most you should be texting them once a week. And EVERY text message needs to have a ridiculously great offer. Like a "50% off" type offer...It's not about communicating for communication's sake... It's about adding value in every interaction.

Educate Your Customers Through Email Marketing

Most cannabis consumers are interested in new products, the health benefits of marijuana, and cannabis accessories that make their weed experience better/easier.

Maybe there's a new style of vape pen coming to the market soon. Or maybe there's a certain strain of weed that really helps with anxiety. Or boosts creativity. You may know about a particular weed accessory that makes gathering keef much easier and quicker. Educate your customers about these things. They'll be interested to learn. And as they learn about these products, they'll be more inclined to buy them from you. But, there's a tip you need to know: Don't educate your customers on what YOU care about. Do your research on what THEY care about. Go to reddit. Go to other online forums. And see what REAL people are asking about, curious to learn, or are frustrated with. Then base your email marketing on that.

Take It To The Next Level With SMS Marketing

Gather your customer's phone number the first time they visit. Then, text them weekly deals (only amazing deals).

You NEED to text your customers. It's not that hard to convince you why.. Just take a look at these stats: Email open rates are around 15-25% (25% is ridiculously high for an email open rate). Text message open rates are over 95%.... By sending a text message you're almost GUARANTEEING that your customers will see it. And if you have a good enough offer, then they'll come in and buy. But… Whatever you do, do NOT text your customers everyday. 

Connect & Interact With Customers On Social Media

Social media is more than just religiously posting something everyday. It's about engaging with your customers and HEARING what they have to say.

Can dispensaries advertise on Facebook? The answer is no. But that doesn't mean that you can't use Facebook to engage with your customers, create a dialogue, and get them to become a loyal fan of your store. Spend time on social media learning about your customers. Spend time on social media engaging with your customers.


Cannabis marketing regulations and lead generation laws are ALWAYS changing. This post is written based on our opinions at the time of the post. We are NOT giving legal advice. Since writing this post, the laws may have changed… So make sure to check your state's legal requirements before making any marketing decisions.